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How to Navigate Car Accident Cases in North Carolina and Position Yourself for Compensation

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen my fair share of automobile accidents (largely in my teens and early twenties), and from”seen my fair share”, I mean about three.

My first accident was determined to be my fault from law enforcement officer and so as I ran into another vehicle, for *drumroll please*…After too closely, and breaking too late…. The front portion of my 1999 Nissan Altima was entirely totaled (and it was a miracle that the automobile was even repaired ).

My second injury was a hit and run with a man in a gas station where the other person scraped the side of my 2007 Ford Focus. I didn’t correctly track the license plate numbers, so I was at a loss.

Lastly, my final car crash included my 2007 Ford Focus, and as I did not learn my first lesson…. I ran into a person AGAIN…. And in a really surreal experience, I watched my car which I worked so hard for, BURN.

Now, I did walk out of all of those events unscathed, however, I was not fully conscious of the laws set in place that might have compensated me in the event of an accident.

Nor was I bright enough to consult with an attorney.


Now, in 2018 I find myself working on Car Accident Relief, with the aim to answer a few critical questions you may be getting in respect to your auto accident case.

Now, before we begin here’s a BIG CAVEAT.

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing doesn’t constitute, an attorney-client relationship.

Thus, please, I recommend you:

  • Use this website as a way to educate yourself regarding your choices
  • BUT ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, consult with an attorney to find the most effective legal advice possible in your own situation.

With that said, you may have a few questions in respect to your accident.

You might be facing accidents and you are not sure why you are not being entirely compensated.

You may be confused as to why you’re getting lowball supplies from an insurance company.

As soon as you understand how in which the law is organised in North Carolina, you’ll be able to see why you are getting your present settlement offers.

The truth of the situation is, you may require an seasoned hand in your case, or you might have to bring certain facts in to light.

Here are a few questions we’ll answer on this page:

  • What Can I do Following a Car Accident? Imagine if I was a Passenger?
  • Should I still see a doctor after my auto accident? (This is Super Important)
  • Do I need an attorney after a car accident? (I wish I understood this one)
    • If I do want an attorney, what can they do to me?

What Can I do After a Vehicle Accident?

  1. Contact law enforcement.
    • One error I’ve often seen posted in social media is that the authorities are never called in an crash. It then turns out that the defendant tells a different story about the particulars of the crash and as a result the insurance company will not cover for damages.
    • Together with the police on the scenethey can write a report that will be used as evidence.
    • Ultimately, these elements will assist in filing your insurance claim, decide the method by which the insurance company will proceed forward, and will allow the insurance company to determine fault.
  2. Seek medical help as soon as possible.
    • You never know what injuries you might have sustained, even if you feel no pain straight away. Pain may surface the next day or over three days.
  3. Get contact information from another driver and witnesses (if any).
    • Going past contact info, work on obtaining the insurance card information of another driver. You will want to be as detailed as you possibly can further protect yourself.
  4. If it is possible, take photos of the scene. Ensure that you take notes about what occurred while everything is still fresh in your mind.
    • All are key details that can fade away in memory if not maintained in some way. This will help your case if you are able to take photos.
  5. Report the accident to your insurance provider.
    • you will need to report your accident to your insurer since it’s part of your coverage. Do so as swiftly as possible and remember–you are not obligated to provide specifics. DO NOT acknowledge fault or give a recorded statement at this time. Wait for the evidence to be made accessible.

However, what if you’re the passenger of the vehicle in an accident???

In this instance, you may submit a claim against the driver of the automobile and/or the driver of any other automobile involved in the crash. If your claim is found to be legitimate, you could have the ability to recover from both parties.

Should I still see a physician after my auto accident? What if I feel OK?

In several instances, adrenaline starts to rush throughout the entire body in the event of an auto accident. The adrenaline will blunt any pain that may arise as a result of an injury.

This is the reason it’s super critical to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

This is also another reason why you want to hold off on telling any insurer what symptoms you might have because you might not believe any.

Whiplash, concussions, and internal bleeding are injuries you might have sustained in an accident, and a doctor should check up on you to make sure your OK. Otherwise, you’re going to want proper medical care to move forward.

Do I need an Attorney After an automobile Collision?

Seeing as this is Auto Accident Relief, you may be anticipating a solid yes answer, and while I will learn toward a yesI am also here to tell you NO. Yes, that is right you don’t always need a car incident attorney, however there are instances when you should consider hiring one…

…For example, let’s say that in your car accident you only totaled your automobile and you have no injuries. Well the insurance provider might offer you a fair settlement to replace your car or truck, and if that’s the case proceed. However, if they’re lowballing you then you may want to consider hiring an lawyer.

An instance where we highly recommend hiring a lawyer is when you have obtained bodily injuries.


The amount of your payout has to be higher. You need to get checked to see what harms you have, and you will have to incorporate a dollar figure in your settlement if you find out that you will want to continue to see the physician.

The actual question here however is,”What can an accident lawyer do for me?”

This is the key.

A skilled accident Lawyer Should be Able do the following:

  • They will deal with all : your paperwork, legal processes, and fulfill the statute of limitations deadline together with competence. Taking all of the paperwork and discussions out of YOUR picture will allow you to concentrate on one thing–RECOVERY. 
  • Work with an investigative team which could handle all of the technical aspects of your case. This isn’t always mandatory, and at times cases are simple. But in more severe instance hiring an investigative staff in NC can prove your innocence, or show why you have to get compensated. 
  • Objectivity. It is important to examine a case with facts rather than emotions. If you’re personally involved in a case, it is much more challenging to leave out all emotions. 
  • Communicate effectively with the insurance’s attorneys. A lawyer will always know what needs to be said to another lawyer. Couple that with knowledge of this law, and it is a good deal less difficult to make the most of an attorney. 
  • Maximum Compensation. A lawyer that confronts your case with objectivity will prevent low settlement offers from being accepted. Instead, using a fact-based approach, your settlement may rise in value as a consequence of the evidence, research, preparation, and negotiation set in place by an attorney. 
  • Court Preparations. If all else fails, visiting the courtroom armed with a plan that will best suit your needs is exactly what the attorney should have ready for in the beginning.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

If you would like to get the greatest positive results in your car accident claim, you are going to want to follow a number of these measures together with the highest level of maintenance.

For this reason, you ought to talk to an lawyer to know what the most effective steps are.

Working with an experienced injury attorney can be the key which you desire if your case has become complex.

If you realize that your current offers are honest, then proceed without hiring an attorney.

However, hiring an attorney will bring aggressive and professional representation that will position your situation for the very best compensation possible to bring your life back to normal as close as possible.

You’ll no longer need to be concerned about dealing with adjusters, negotiating, and dealing with the possibility of being taken advantage of. All you’ll want to do is worry about healing yourself and moving ahead from the instant that you work with a skilled attorney.

The Facts are that we Do Not Know the Details of Your Situation

Regardless, we want to help.

It is the reason behind the production of Car Accident Relief and we would like to have the ability to assist you if we can.

It is why we’re offering free consultations to our first-time clients.

You will be able to:

  • Discuss your options
  • Find out if You’ve Got a situation
  • Determine how to best move forward|}

Fill out the form below to get help today.

Let us Help You.

What Happened to You?

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