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How to Navigate Car Accident Cases in North Carolina and Position Yourself to Compensation

I will be honest, I have seen my fair share of automobile accidents (largely in my teens and early twenties), and by”seen my fair share”, I mean about three.

My first injury was determined to be my fault from the police officer and so like I ran into another vehicle, for *drumroll please*…After too closely, and breaking too late…. The front portion of my 1999 Nissan Altima was completely totaled (and it was a wonder that the automobile was even repaired ).

My next accident was a hit and run with a guy in a gas station where the other man scraped the side of my 2007 Ford Focus. I didn’t accurately track the license plate numbers, so I had been at a loss.

Lastly, my last automobile crash included my 2007 Ford Focus, and as I did not understand my first lesson…. I ran into someone AGAIN…. And at a very dreamlike experience, I watched my vehicle that I worked so hard for, BURN.

Now, I did walk out of all those events unscathed, however, I wasn’t fully conscious of the laws put in place that could have compensated me in the event of an injury.

Nor was I smart enough to consult with a lawyer.


In 2018 I find myself working on Car Accident Relief, with the intention to answer a few critical questions that you might be getting in regard to your automobile incident claim.

Now, before we get started here is a CAVEAT.

The advice on this website is for general information purposes only. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or seeing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship.

Thus, please, I recommend you:

  • Use this website as a way to inform yourself regarding your choices
  • BUT ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, consult with an lawyer to find the most effective legal advice possible on your own situation.

With that said, you may have a few questions in regard to your accident.

You may be facing injuries and you’re not certain why you’re not being completely compensated.

You may be confused as to why you are getting lowball offers from an insurance company.

As soon as you understand the way in which the law is organised in North Carolina, you will have the ability to see why you’re getting your present settlement offers.

The reality of the situation is, you might require an seasoned hand in your case, or you may have to bring certain facts into light.

Listed below are a few questions we’ll answer on this page:

  • What Should I do After a Car Accident? What if I was a Passenger?
  • Should I still see a physician after my auto accident? What if I feel OK? (This is Super Important)
  • Do I need an attorney after a car crash? (I wish I understood this one)
    • If I really do need a lawyer, what can they do for me?

What Can I do After a car Accident?

  1. Contact law enforcement.
    • 1 mistake I’ve often seen posted in social media is that the police are never called in an accident. It then turns out that the defendant tells a different story about the particulars of the accident and then the insurance provider will not cover for damages.
    • Together with the authorities on the scene, they could write a report which will be used as evidence.
    • Ultimately, these elements will assist in filing your insurance claim, decide the method by which the insurance adjuster will proceed forward, and certainly will allow the insurance company to ascertain fault.
  2. Seek medical help as soon as possible.
    • Pain may surface the following day or within three days.
  3. Get contact information from the other driver and witnesses (if there are any).
    • Going beyond contact info, focus on getting the insurance card information of the other driver. You’ll want to be as detailed as you possibly can further protect yourself.
  4. If you can, take photos of the scene. Ensure that you take notes about what occurred while it’s still fresh on your mind.
    • A guy with a blue suit, a red car, and the gas station nearby. All are key details that can fade out in memory if not preserved somehow. This will help your situation if you’re in a position to take photos.
  5. Report the accident to your insurance company.
    • You’ll need to report your injury to your insurance company because it’s a part of your policy. Do this as swiftly as possible and remember–you are not required to give specifics. DO NOT admit fault or give a recorded statement at this time. Wait for the signs to be made available.

However, what if you’re the passenger of the car in an accident???

In this instance, you can submit a claim against the driver of the automobile or the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident. If your claim is shown to be legitimate, you may be able to recuperate from both parties.

Should I still see a doctor after my auto accident? What if I feel OK?

In many instances, adrenaline starts to rush throughout the entire body in the event of an auto accident. The adrenaline will blunt any pain which may arise as a result of an injury.

That is the reason it’s super crucial to see a physician as soon as possible.

That is also another reason why you wish to hold off telling any insurance company what symptoms you may have because you might not feel any.

Whiplash, concussions, and internal bleeding are all injuries you could have sustained in an crash, and a doctor needs to check up on you to make sure your OK. Otherwise, you’re going to need appropriate medical services to move forward.

Do I need a Lawyer After an automobile Collision?

Seeing as that is Car Accident Relief, you may be anticipating a solid yes answer, and while I will learn toward a yes, I am also here to tell you NO. Yes, that is right you don’t always require a car accident lawyer, but there are times when you need to consider hiring one…

…For instance, let’s say that in your car injury you only totaled your vehicle and you have no injuries. Well the insurance provider might offer you a reasonable settlement to replace your car or truck, and if that is the case go ahead. But if they are lowballing then you might want to consider hiring an attorney.

An instance in which we highly urge hiring a lawyer is when you’ve obtained bodily injuries.


The total amount of your payout needs to be higher. You need to get checked to see what injuries you’ve got, and you’ll have to include a dollar figure in your settlement in case you find out that you’ll need to continue to see the physician.

The real question here however is,”What can an crash lawyer do for me?”

This is the secret.

A skilled accident attorney Should be Able do the following:

  • They will deal with all of : your paperwork, legal processes, and fulfill the statute of limitations deadline together with proficiency. Taking each the paperwork and negotiations out of YOUR picture will allow you to focus on something –RECOVERY. 
  • Work with an investigative team which could handle all the technical facets of your case. This is not always mandatory, and sometimes cases are simple. However, in more acute case hiring an investigative staff in NC can prove your innocence, and/or show why you have to get compensated. 
  • Objectivity. It is important to examine a case with facts and not emotions. If you are personally concerned in a scenario, it is much more difficult to leave out all emotions. 
  • Communicate effectively with all the insurance’s attorneys. An attorney will always know what needs to be said to some other attorney. Couple that with understanding of the law, and it is a lot less challenging to take advantage of an attorney. 
  • Maximum Compensation. An attorney that faces your case with objectivity will stop low settlement offers from being accepted. Instead, using a fact-based approach, your settlement might increase in value as a result of the proof, study, preparation, and discussion set in place by a lawyer. 
  • Court Preparations. If everything else fails, going to the courtroom armed with a strategy that will best suit your needs is exactly what the attorney must have prepared for at first.

The Bottom Line

If you want to acquire the greatest favorable benefits in your car crash claim, you’ll want to follow many of these measures with the maximum level of care.

For this reason, you’ll need to talk to an attorney to understand what the best steps would be.

Dealing with an experienced accident lawyer can be the key that you need if your case has become complex.

If you realize that your current offers are honest, then proceed without hiring an attorney.

However, hiring an attorney will attract professional and aggressive representation that will position your situation for the best compensation possible to bring back your life to normal as close as you can.

You’ll no longer have to worry about dealing with adjusters, negotiating, and dealing with the possibility of being taken advantage of. All you’ll need to do is worry about curing yourself and moving ahead from the instant that you work with a skilled attorney.

The Truth are that we Do Not Know the Details of Your Case

But, we want to help.

It’s the main reason for the production of Car Accident Relief and we would like to be able to help you if we can.

It’s why we’re offering free consultations to our would-be clients.

You will be able to:

  • Discuss Your Choices
  • Find out when You’ve Got a case
  • Determine how to best proceed |}

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